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The way buffering works is your device streams ahead of what you’re watching so you can seamlessly watch your video. But when it doesn’t work it will cause your video to slow down or stop. The source of your buffering can be caused by different issues.


The Internet may not be the cause of your buffering. It may be caused by the peripheral devices you use like Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Netflix, Dish Network, Smart TV's, Gaming Devices…

First, let's determine if buffering is caused by the internet or a peripheral device  

Open a single browser window with your laptop, pad, or phone. Using your WIFI connection play a Google or YouTube HD video. If the video plays with no buffering, then you are getting a good internet signal, meaning it is your peripheral device that is having the issue. In that case, reboot your peripheral device following your user manual. If that doesn’t work, please contact your peripheral device provider.
Please do not press the reset button on your router.


If it is an internet issue, please follow the rebooting steps below. 

Competing Devices Practice One.jpg
  • Too many devices connected at the same time - gaming, streaming, downloading large files.

  • Cables or power not stabilized - make sure the Ethernet cable clicks into place within the router and the POE/LAN for a secure connection. 

  • Your WiFi router is too far from the wireless devices - The signal can have issues if it has to travel too far through the building. If this persists you might consider getting a router with a wider range to cover the square footage of your home. 

  • Close extra browser windows

  • Keep your antivirus programs, drivers, firmware and browsers updated -Schedule updates when you’re not using the devices

  • Obstacles include: walls, doors, or floor, construction materials like concrete or rebar, Electrical appliances like microwaves and even a baby monitor. 

  • For the fastest WiFi, connect your computer or WiFi devices directly to the router use an Ethernet cable, especially if you work from home or are a heavy gamer.

  • Older equipment - computers, routers, TV's older than 3-5 years may not have the latest hardware/software and may not be able to take advantage of the full speed of your internet connection.​

  • Does the Spry service package you subscribed to offer enough bandwidth for your needs?

  • Make sure your peripheral equipment is working correctly- Items like Roku, Apple TV, Firestick, Netflix sometimes need to be rebooted to establish a fresh signal.  

  • Interference with the signal may also be caused by weather or trees blocking the signal. 


If you’re having trouble with your internet, here are a few troubleshooting steps that solve most connection issues.

Router copy.jpg


Ethernet cables.jpg
Ethernet Cable
POE 1 copy.jpg

    POE/LAN Connector


  1. Router: Distributes the WiFi signal through the house.

  2. POE /LAN Connector Box: Small black or white box is usually located near your router. Used to connect the outside radio and router together to receive signal and provides power to your radio.

    POE: The cable coming in from the radio located outside your house should be plugged securely into the POE (Power Over Ethernet) port.

    LAN: The cable to your Router should be plugged securely into the LAN (Local Area Network) port.


  3. Ethernet Cable: Hardwires your devices for an internet connection. 

  4. Check to see if indicator light are on both the router and the POE/LAN units.

POE=Connects to Outside Radio   
LAN=Connects to Router
Router labled-FINAL.jpg


  1. Unplug your router from the wall power outlet, wait 60 seconds and replug the router back into wall.
    DO NOT press the reset button

  2. Unplug POE/LAN: Now locate your POE/LAN connector. The light on the POE box should be on.  If not, we suggest to follow the same steps by unplugging your POE/LAN connector from the wall power, wait 60 sec and replug back into the wall.

  3. We also suggest rebooting the computer and see if the signal has been reestablished.

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